Monday, February 3, 2014

Jack Bauer is...

Quite possibly my favorite show of all time is the show 24.  It follows the life of a counter-terrorist agent named Jack Bauer.  The premise of the show is that each episode follows the days events in real time.  The episode you watch takes place in a "real world" hour on the show.  In 24 hours Jack saves the president, the nation or the world.  Jack does the seemingly impossible to accomplish his goal of saving the day.  He'll torture the worst bad guy for an answer, he'll hunt down every lead no matter the cost, and he'll protect people.  In the end Jack is a good guy who does extraordinary things.  Jack is a true action hero.  I really enjoyed 24 when it was on television.  I have never missed an episode of the show.  Seriously.

So when I was at a youth conference several years ago and heard the preacher bring up 24, I knew it was going to be a great message.  The great preacher and author, David Nasser, was speaking to a crowd of 500 youth and leaders and casually brings up 24 and Jack Bauer.  This was in the height of the show's popularity so he had the attention of many in the crowd, myself included.  He talked about how great Jack was at doing his job.  He talked about how awesome Jack was because he always saved the day.  After he worked the crowd up about how great Jack Bauer was and had them fully engaged, he made a comment that has stuck with me.  He said "Jack Bauer is a pansy compared to my Jesus."  Talk about making a point!

Nasser was contrasting the difference between these two men.  One receives the world's accolades, so to speak, because of what he did to save people.  The Other humbly received nothing and actually did save people, the entire world as a matter of fact.  One is seen as the one who will do anything to accomplish his goal.  The Other actually did everything needed to accomplish His goal.  One is seen as a hero by the world.  The Other actually is a hero.

Many times our view of Jesus is this meek and lowly man who was beaten down by the world and never retaliated.  He turned the other cheek and would not fight back.  Meekness in the Bible is far more than a lowly person who is quite and takes what the world throws at them.  Meekness in the Bible is defined as "power under control."  That's why Jesus is greater than every action hero, sports star, actor, or hero.  That's why they all pale in comparison to Christ.  Because in the end, He is greater because He not only is God, but He humbled Himself and submitted His power to the will of the Father.  Compared to the accomplishments of Christ, the greatest fictional or real-life heroes will look like average, ordinary people.  Christ is greater than all others because of His meekness, humility, and obedience.

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