Friday, February 14, 2014

The Day After

Days when we experience a great snow, like we did yesterday, are great days of fun and fellowship with family and friends. Sledding and snowball fights are sure to occur. Through it all we have a great time. The day after those snow days are the days most of us dread. Regardless of the amount of ibuprofen that we use, there is still soreness. Regardless of how much fun the sledding was the roads are usually still hard to gain traction on due to the ice. Snow is wonderful in so many ways but there are difficulties that come along with it that makes us wonder if its worth it.

Our development as Christians is much like the snow and the day that follows. As we grow in our faith we enjoy the great aspects of our relationship with God. We enjoy the fellowship with Christian friends and family. We enjoy those activities, like service and missions, that help us develop our faith. But as we grow we inevitably run into those times where we allow other areas of life to take priority. We set aside our relationship with God and foolishly chase after the things that have no eternal significance, only temporal pleasure. During those times we feel guilty for neglecting our spiritual life. We feel sore, so to speak, and can't seem to work the soreness out. We can't seem to get traction, no matter what we do, to get back into the tracks of our once flourishing faith.

In the end we need to be like the mail truck yesterday. The mail truck servicing our road lost traction in front of my house. He slid sideways and was within a foot of being in a deep ditch beside my driveway when he finally stopped. A friend and I got behind the truck and pushed him up the hill. As we did, we were able to straighten the truck out and help him get traction as he found the right tracks. When we start to falter in our walk with Christ we need to stop before we find ourselves in a ditch unable to be helped by those around us. We need to ask for help and allow others to help us find the traction needed to get headed in the right direction. Sometimes that means hearing what we don't want to hear from those godly men and women we trust. Sometimes it means making difficult choices that will benefit us in the long run. Regardless of what it means for us, our walk with Christ should be the most important thing in our life. In the end, we should do what ever is necessary to make sure we stay on the right road.

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