Friday, February 7, 2014

One BIG Body.

"So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."
Romans 12:5 (NIV)

Recently I've witnessed the truth of Romans 12:5 being lived out in the lives of people I know. There are three examples I want to share to encourage you that, if you are a follower of Christ, you are not alone.

Example #1
I received a text earlier this week from a woman who used to attend our church. She has a friend that lives close to our church that lost her mother. The church that the grieving woman attends had not provided any bereavement care years ago when her daughter tragically died and she didn't have high hopes of any now. The grieving woman's friend asked if I would contact her since she lived close to our church. I did and I also provided our church with the woman's address so they could shower her with cards and show her she is loved by God and her community. One member took it a step further and even called her. They will be meeting up for coffee before long to just sit and talk.

Example #2
Misty and I made plans recently to sell our house so we could build a house. We decided to move into our church parsonage for a couple of years during the process. From the moment we mentioned our plans to those in leadership, our church has jumped into action to get the parsonage ready. When I say jumped I mean jumped! In two weeks the men of the church have painted the entire interior of the house and basically finished with installing the flooring. Not much is left to do other than for us to pack our stuff up and move in.

Example #3
I have a pastor friend who's health is not good. Doctor's didn't give him much time a few years ago and the Great Physician has continued to give him more time here on earth. I saw a Facebook post by him today about a doctor's appointment today and some other comments that glorified God. I commented on his post about the encouragement he's been to me and that we were praying for him. Since I commented earlier this morning my phone has chimed several times with people leaving similar messages for this faithful minister of the gospel.

The reason I shared those three examples from this past week is that it is a great reminder of what the Body of Christ is all about. There are many parts, people, in the Body of Christ.  Each part has its own role in the life of the body. But just like a hand covering a wound on the leg or feet stepping over a painful obstacle, the Body cares for its own. We mourn with the grieving, we rally together to accomplish great feats, and we care for others through words of comfort and prayer. It's amazing to watch the Body of Christ work. If you've never started a relationship with Jesus Christ then I would encourage you to do so today. Once you do you have one BIG Body to love you, minister to you and pray for you.

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