Monday, October 10, 2016

Here's who to vote for in November.

With election day right around the corner, things seem to be just as contentious as they have ever been politically. The smear campaigns and negative advertisements are in full swing. Regardless of your political affiliation, take a few minutes to read the following post. It was written just prior to the 2016 presidential election. It will give you some insight into what type of candidate you should be voting for in the upcoming election.

Originally Written: 10.10.2016

This year's presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most divisive and contentious elections in our nation's history. So how does a person decide who to vote for in November? There are many factors that should affect who you vote for in the elections, regardless if it is the mayor or the president. The one thing that should have an overriding say in who you vote for is your faith. Not the party your parents and grandparents voted for. Not recent changes to society's view on hot topics. Your faith should have the final say in who you vote for in November. If you are a Christian your allegiance shouldn't be to a particular political party or a set of societal ideals, but to the God of the Universe.

Last night during our evening service I was answering questions from our congregation on different things pertaining to faith, God, and the church. One question I answered was on how Christians should relate to the political process of voting. Here is part of the answer to that question. "Christians should educate themselves on where the candidates stand on key issues, pray about the decision, and then vote the way they feel God leading them." If you aren't educated on where the candidates stand on issues, then you can't make an informed decision. If you don't pray about the decision, then you disregard the wisdom and will of God for your decision. As Christians there are key issues that should be considered and prayed over before you vote. Abortion is one because the sanctity of human life matters to God and unborn children matter to Him. The U.S. relations with Israel also matters because God has warned us that He will bless those who support Israel and curse those who don't (Genesis 12:3). Same-sex marriage and LGBT issues matter as well because the Bible clearly defines homosexuality as a sin. Of course there are other issues as well that need to be researched, considered, and then prayed over before you vote in November.

It will most likely be difficult to find a candidate that matches 100% to your views about life and what the Bible says on issues. Here's a bit of common sense reasoning on how to make this work for your vote in November. Let's say you research the candidates and find 6 key issues that relate to matters of faith and you research what the Bible says on the matters. If Candidate A matches with the Bible on 3 issues and Candidate B matches on 4 issues, you should vote for Candidate B. Why? Because they line up more closely with what Scripture says on the issues. Maybe I'm simple-minded but discerning one candidate has more in common with the Bible isn't too hard to figure out.

I'll close with this. Do the research on the candidates and their take on the issues and what the Bible says on those issues. Pray. Pray like you've never prayed before because the future of our country depends on it. Most likely the future of your religious freedom depends on it. Then vote. The right to vote in a free election is a right that has been given to us by God and it is our responsibility to vote. If you don't vote because you don't "like" the candidates, then you do an injustice to those who died to give, maintain, and defend your right to vote. When all is said and done, regardless if your chosen candidate is elected or not, pray for the elected officials. We're commanded in the Bible to pray for those in government and God's sovereign will allowed them to be elected (Romans 13:1). Those elected to office need your prayers.

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