Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What does your sign say?

Last night I looked out our front door and something caught my attention. As I looked at our church sign, I noticed that there wasn't anything on it. Since our last activity we just haven't put anything on it. As I looked at that sign I wondered what people driving by think about when they see that blank sign. Do they think nothing is going on here? Do they think someone forgot to put up a message? Do they think we have nothing to share? In the dark the lights shined very brightly on that blank sign last night.

When we wake up each morning we have a day full of potential. We never know what the day may bring. It could be a great day by our standards or a challenging one. During that day we do plenty of advertising. We advertise to the world about who we are and what is important to us. Our days are spent as a walking billboard about what matters most to us. People watch how we react to situations. Even more so if you're a Christian. It's the NASCAR effect. They want to see the crash, not the years of successful living. People watch us and often buy into what we are selling as we live our lives in front of them.

So what does your sign say? Your sign will ultimately advertise for one of two things. Either yourself or God. If we are busy advertising for ourselves then in the end that advertising is for nothing. It won't last. It's only temporary. But if we advertise for God, our work will last for eternity. A NIV Study Bible says “Everyone is a ‘boaster,’ either in Christ or in themselves." So who do you boast in? Who do you advertise for? What does your sign say?

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