Friday, January 31, 2014

Cruisin' in the the snow...uphill both ways!

With all the distraction the snow has brought this week it reminded me of a snow storm we had several years ago.  I still lived at home, as did my sister.  She was at work and it was pouring the snow as it had all day.  My dad had driven her to work so she wouldn't be out on the roads in the snow.  Once road conditions had deteriorated to the point you shouldn't be on the road my sister was informed we were coming to get her whether she was done at work or not.  I hop in the ole' minivan with dad to go pick her up.  Where we lived there was no way to get to "town" without going up and down hills that are very dangerous in the snow.  There is only one way to go to minimize your chances of getting stuck or something worse.  So as we go the only viable way we run into trouble.  We couldn't make it up the hill so dad decided to turn down the road and get some speed up to make it over the hill.  On our way down the hill we narrowly missed hitting another car when our car lost traction and did a major fishtail.  We were able to make it up over the hill with a little speed and without any further problems.  We ended up picking up my sister after safely making it to her work and returned home safely.

This story is similar to the way we handle the storms of life.  We always seem to try and find a way out of the storm when things seem to be disastrous around us.  We may look for the path of least resistance only to find that it is no better than other ways that seemed to be more treacherous.  In the end we may have some narrow misses when trying to make our ascent over the problem that is keeping us in the middle of the storm.  In the end we can arrive safely at our intended destination, but only under the careful and loving guidance of our Father.  Our Heavenly Father is there to see us through the storm, to rescue us from the dangers around us, and to get us to where He wants us to be, safe in His loving care.

The storms of life are tough.  There is no debating that.  But in the end, our Heavenly Father will help us through the storm and keep us safe.  Trust Him to see you through the storms.

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