Monday, January 6, 2014

Safeguard your kids with extra aunts and uncles.

One night about 16 years ago, Misty and I were sitting in her car after she finished work. We were talking about her night at work, where we planned to go on our next date and all the other important teenage stuff.  As we sat there and talked the time kept dragging on and before long we had sat in her car so long talking that the windows in her car had fogged up without us noticing.  I know what you're thinking, sure Nick, teenagers...fogged up weren't talking but honestly we were.  In the middle of our deeply intellectual teenage conversation there was a surprising knock on the window.  A couple who cared for us dearly and who were like an aunt and uncle to us stopped by where we were parked to "check on us" and make sure everything was okay.

Fast forward about 16 years.  Recently Misty and I were out on a date night when we had to stop by her office.  While there, we found a couple of teenagers in a car who were engaged in much more than conversation.  We stopped in that dark part of the parking lot to "check on them" and make sure everything was okay.  After they dressed themselves and sped off I couldn't help but think about how as parents it is so vital for us to have men and women in our children's lives who will help safeguard our children.

I grew up with more aunts and uncles than I could count.  That's because growing up at church any man or woman that was old enough to be remotely close to my parents age could "get ahold of me" and I knew I was in trouble.  These men and women helped raise me and help care for me as I was growing up.  They were genuinely concerned for my well being and the rest of the kids at church.  I have those men and women to thank for the person I am today.  I still have the utmost respect for them and care for them dearly.  That's why it is so important to be involved in a community of believers where you are able to have help raising your children.  It's important to find those people in life that will "check on" your kids when you aren't around.  It's even better when your kids grow up and really value the relationships they have developed with these "aunts and uncles."

My encouragement to you today is this, if you aren't currently involved in a church where your kids can be ministered to and where you can get child-rearing help from godly men and women then Sunday is the day to start finding you one.  If you have a church that is like home and you haven't been going lately, get started back.  Your church will be glad to have you back and excited at the opportunity to minister to your family.  If you've never really been a "church person" then talk with your friends and family who attend church and start looking for you a place to worship.  Also know that you're always welcome at our church, North Catawba Baptist. The important thing is to safeguard your kids with extra aunts and uncles who love them dearly and church is the best place to find them!

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  1. Hi Nike I also grew up with bunches of aunts and uncles from church and from our neighborhood...I didn't get far from home without being reported on from somebody and as an adult I feel differently about that now than then. As a church we also have to be very careful in our society not to put our children and even teens in danger of the wrong influences. So while I like the idea remember the right directives and objectives for our next generations use proper resources and precaution to achieve the desired results. Just a thought!