Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's your preference? Over or under?

Several years ago I heard that some people take the direction that their toilet paper roll faces very seriously. It was either in an article online or on the radio but from what I understood some take this very seriously! Some are very adamant that the only way for a roll of toilet paper to work is with the paper coming over the top of the roll and down in front. There are others that think you should only install a roll of toilet paper with the paper coming down behind the roll and ultimately under the roll. I have to admit that I think its an unusual thing for people to get worked up over but we all have our preferences. These preferences that we have can divide us or draw us together. When I first heard about this particular preference, it was shared how couples would have fights over it. Seriously, arguments between spouses would occur over something as unimportant as the direction of the toilet paper roll. My only preference, and I feel there are plenty with me in this neutral area, is that as long as there is toilet paper in the bathroom, that's all that really matters! 

I'm sure you're wondering why the unusual start to today's post. Well the views that people have, their preferences in certain areas, are things that can sometimes either cause division or draw people close together. Worship of God is one such area. We all have our preferences when it comes to worship. Some prefer a more low key worship style, while others want an exuberant style of worship. Some prefer the old classic hymns, while others prefer a more modern approach to praise and worship. Some prefer "fire and brimstone" preaching, while others prefer a more relaxed style of preaching. Some prefer to fellowship and greet during a service, while others prefer to stay in their own personal area.

The point is we are all different and we all prefer different things. Can you imagine how boring worship would be if every church across the world did everything the same? Talk about boring! It's great that God has given us a variety of people who worship in a variety of ways. I'll be the first to tell you that my church isn't for everyone. My style of preaching isn't for everyone. And personally, I'm glad that they aren't. Because, as a pastor, I see that diversity in the Body of Christ creates a worship of God that is multi-dimensional. And I think that God enjoys the varieties in which we worship Him. Like I've always told people, I hope that my church is what a family prefers, but if it isn't, then only one thing matters. The thing that matters is that the family is going to church. That church needs to preach the truths of God's Word, be a place the family can authentically worship God, a place where the family is ministered to, and a place the family can get involved in the ministries of the church. As long as they are going to a church like this, that is the only preference that really matters! Be thankful that God has made us all different. Be thankful that every church isn't the same. Be thankful that God has given us diversity in so many ways.

Let's make today's post fun and interactive. When you finish reading today's post, if you have a preference on the toilet paper issue, then Share today's post on your social media accounts with a simple one word comment, Over or Under. If you don't have a preference then simply put "I don't care!"

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