Monday, March 24, 2014

People can see where you don't fertilize.

Saturday was a busy day around the farm. We worked to saw up part of a tree that had fallen on the edge of a field. We also worked to get a few of our fields fertilized before the spring rains arrive. While fertilizing a field that is on the "main drag" in Dry Ponds, a neighboring farmer stopped by to chat with my dad while I was on the tractor. That farmer jokingly pointed out that if I didn't do a good job fertilizing that field then everyone would know. He was right. If I didn't spread that fertilizer over the entire field then it would show when the hay starts to grow. If I let the tractor drift one way or the other I could easily leave gaps of unfertilized hay or double cover some areas.

When it comes to our spiritual life we need to be careful to properly fertilize ourselves with God's truths. If we constantly get on a soapbox about a particular area of our faith when we discuss our faith, then chances are that we are over fertilizing in that area. When we drift too far from a daily time in God's Word, then everyone can tell. It's vitally important to our spiritual growth that we maintain a straight and narrow path through the field of life, being sure to properly fertilize ourselves with God's Word. When we do, it will be like the field I fertilized on Saturday. No one will take notice for quite a while, but they will notice the fertilize job once the hay has grown. As we grow in our faith it may take a while for people to catch on to what growth has occurred, but once they notice it God can use us to impact the lives of others.

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