Monday, June 23, 2014

Lessons Learned in VBS - Part 1

Sunday I preached a message on the lessons we learn in VBS as children. It was titled All I need to know about life I learned in VBS. With our church, and many others in the community, doing VBS this week I thought it might be good to share those lessons in this week's posts. I'll share 3 today, 3 Wednesday and the final 2 on Friday. We'll do this in a "top" 8 fashion and build up to the number one lesson we learn in VBS. So here goes.

8. Man does not live on vanilla cream cookies and juice alone!
When I was growing up my great-grandmother and a few of her friends faithfully served cookies and a small cup of juice, year after year to the kids in VBS. Snack time was a great break in the middle of VBS that gave us a chance to recharge our batteries after recreation. But what we learned in VBS about nourishment came more from our lessons than the snacks we ate. Especially when we learned that Jesus said "Man does not live on bread alone.” in Luke 4:4 (NIV). The lesson we learned in VBS is that there is something much more satisfying to our souls than a couple of cookies and a cup of fruit punch. That satisfaction comes through a relationship with Christ.

7. It’s okay to be messy when making art!
One of the more dangerous jobs at VBS is working in crafts. The reason being you have kids working with glue, paint, and at times scissors. Our theme this year is the secret agent theme from Lifeway. To work in crafts at VBS, following that theme, you have to be as quick on your feet as a secret agent like James Bond. Sometimes the artwork does get to be messy when you do finger paints or something like that. When we let the kids do something a little messy like that, it’s a reminder that life is messy but there is Someone larger than us who is willing to help us clean up our messes. God is always there to help us.

6. Games are more fun in 95 degree heat!
Kids can play dodgeball or tag at school in P.E. and be bored with it by the second week of school. Sometimes they're bored with it by the second day! When they play those games, and others, at VBS they take on a new level of excitement and interest. It may be that the kids are delusional from the heat, but games at VBS always seem to be more fun. The lesson learned here is that church isn't boring and dull, but can be fun and exciting.

Wednesday we'll share other lessons learned in VBS.

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