Monday, June 16, 2014

Bucket List

In the past couple of decades the term "Bucket List" has crept into our cultural vernacular. It is generally considered a list of items someone wants to accomplish before kicking the bucket. For some people it may be something adventurous like swimming with sharks or something like traveling to a particular foreign country. On my unofficial Bucket List I have a little of the adventurous and the mundane. I want to hike some of the more exciting trails around the world. The picture to the right is of one of those trails on Mount Hua Shan in China. Other items on my list are less adventurous like skydiving with Cooper (he's the one more determined to go) or traveling to all 50 states (on my way with 40 down and 10 to go). Bucket lists are great for setting goals. You can even manage your bucket list through a website (honestly, it's But have you ever considered if God has a bucket list for your life?

There are many things that God wants to accomplish in and through you during your time on earth. Regardless of the amount of time He gives each of us, He wants to accomplish many of the same things in each person's life. Top of the list is Salvation. 2 Peter 3:9 tells us how God is patient with us and wants us all to come to repentance. Another item on His list is for us, once we've received salvation, to be conformed to the image of Christ. Romans 8:29 and 12:2 tells us how God wants us to become more like Christ and less like the world. God also has on His bucket list for your life that you would tell others about the change He has made in your life through salvation. Matthew 28:18-20 and many other scriptures tell us how God wants us to share the Gospel once we have believed it. I'm sure there are many other things that God would add to the list. They would generally be what we consider commands like obedience, giving, serving, or loving Him and others. Consider today what God has written on your bucket list and make sure that His list takes priority over your own.

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