Friday, April 4, 2014

The REAL Story of Noah

I used to love watching shows on History Channel or Discovery titled something like "The truth about Noah's Ark" or "Biblical Secrets Revealed." I always thought they would be a great show to watch that would help build up my faith. PSYCHE! They baited you in and switched things up on you like an unethical used car salesman. You start watching and they have "experts" who have no interest in proving the truth of biblical accounts but instead they want to disprove them. They would say stuff like "Jesus didn't walk on the water, He walked on ice" or "The Israelites walked across a swampy marsh called the Reed Sea" or "The flood of Noah was a local flood and the boat wasn't as big as the Bible claims." To them I would say "Ice in the Middle East?", "Praise God because He drowned the entire Egyptian Army in 3 inches of water!" and "Why would every kind of animal need to be on a boat that affected a small area?" These shows are much like the recently released movie, Noah. They advertise one thing but deliver another.

Now I have to preface the following by saying, I have not yet seen the Noah movie. That being said, reviews are fairly accurate to the content of a movie and this one seems to be lacking in biblical authenticity. As someone has said, "The only thing the movie and the biblical story have in common are a guy named Noah, a boat, and some animals." The problem with this is that people will walk away from this movie thinking this is really the story of Noah. Yes, it will get some to read the Bible because they didn't remember the story that way. I'm glad it will cause some to do that. The vast majority will walk away thinking that the movie is basically what happened. The old bait and switch has worked again!

My encouragement to you is this. Before watching the movie, which I plan to do at some point but not while in theaters, be sure to read the story of Noah as found in Genesis 5:28-9:28. That way you can see how the tricks of the devil are being used to confuse and mislead so many on the truth of the Bible.

UPDATE: Since writing this blog back in April I have since watched the movie. The only thing the movie is good for is showing how Hollywood can butcher God's Word. It really isn't worth the watch. (11.3.14)

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