Monday, January 22, 2018

Wrestling with Sin

Recently my boys, who are almost 12 and 13, have been on a wrestling kick. They want to throw down any time and any place in our house. They have even been known to double team their old man (because they can't beat me individually!) or even pull a blind side attack when you aren't expecting it. This type of wrestling was much easier when they were little. It was especially easier on me!

One night when my boys were almost 3 and 4, we were wrestling in the living room floor like we did most every night. Cooper had ran off screaming, acting like I was chasing him. While he ran off I grabbed Dru and wrapped him up with my legs and arms to where he couldn’t move. I told him he couldn’t get away from me and that Cooper couldn’t help him. While I was holding him he started hollering for Cooper to help him. As we were waiting on Cooper to come back I started relaxing my grip on him and he thought he was getting free which prompted him to say “I done it myself.” Right then Cooper came out of nowhere and started pulling on my arms and legs to help Dru get free. Once Dru was loose the two of them took off running.

God uses my sons to teach me important lessons about life and our relationship with Him. This time was no different. As soon as Dru said “I done it myself” it was like God was speaking directly to me about this example He was showing me. To better explain this example look at the three characters in this story as this, Cooper is Jesus, I was Sin and Dru was a regular person. How often do we struggle, fight, and wrestle with sin in our life no matter how big or small and it seems like we just can’t shake it. The obvious size difference between my then 3 year old son and myself serves as a great example of our struggle with sin. It always seems bigger than us and the more we fight it the more tightly it seems to hold to us. Just as we seem to be winning against the sin and seem to feel the hold loosening, we get the idea that “I done it myself” and that we didn’t need anyone’s help, much less God’s. But as with any sin that we struggle against, the sin isn’t going anywhere until Jesus is asked to do His part to help rid us of that sin.

Whether we put our faith in Christ for the first time or we as a believer ask Him to help us, Jesus will step up to pull us free from the arms, hands, daggers, and hooks that sin uses to hold of us. What we have to do is step up and admit that we can’t beat the sin by ourselves and that our only hope for getting free is through Christ doing what He does best… wrestling us free from sin.

So here's a question for you…Who’s wrestling with your sin, you or Jesus?

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