Monday, November 17, 2014

5:30 AM comes early!

I recently spoke to a person who visited our church. This man said he enjoyed the service and he would be back. In the conversation the man shared that he had been looking forward to coming to visit and he had came at 5:30 AM that morning to find the church. Chalk it up to anxiety, excitement, or nerves, but the man was making sure he didn't miss worship.

The ironic thing about this story is that from all indications the man isn't a believer in Christ. Here is a man who probably doesn't grasp the full understanding of what worship is all about and yet he wanted to make sure he didn't miss it. The sad thing is there are plenty of people who claim to be born again believers who have no interest in worshipping the God who provided them with salvation. For those who do worship God we should have the same excitement about worship that this visitor did. We should have a deep longing and desire to worship God both privately and corporately. 

If you are one who has lost that motivation for worship, I encourage you to take the first step today towards repairing your relationship with God. A good first step is to seek his forgiveness and find a church to worship in this Sunday. If you don't have a church you are currently attending come join us at North Catawba Baptist Church.  Contact me for directions or questions (828-234-6886).

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