Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Billy is Right

Billy Graham is quoted as saying "I am just a spectator watching what God is doing." That's how I feel this morning as I sit in my office.  I feel like a spectator watching God do amazing things.  Yesterday morning during our morning service I think we experienced a re-positioning of our missional compass here at North Catawba. I don't think the compass was off but by a degree or two but one or two degrees can cause big problems down the road. See the problem with that degree or two is that for the first little bit of the journey the difference doesn't really affect much. But when you try to travel a long distance and your compass is off a little you can end up nowhere near where you intended to be.  Our time around the altar praying for our church's missional effort yesterday was the icing on the cake of what we needed to do as a church to set our missional effort on the right course.

The other amazing way we watched God work was through our evening message on forgiveness.  We talked about the parable of the unmerciful servant who received forgiveness but was unwilling to extend forgiveness to a fellow servant.  The servants represented Christians and the parable addressed our forgiveness of our fellow Christians. As we gathered at the altar last night to pray for the strength to forgive those who we harbored unforgiveness towards, you could feel a movement from God that lightened the load of many in the room.

God is doing amazing things in our church.  God is doing amazing things in our lives every day.  All we have to do is open our spiritual eyes and allow God to reveal to us a sight of Him at work.  When we do, we will be amazed.  When we do, we'll understand what Billy meant.

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